Plan Design

Plan Design

There are many exciting ways to design a retirement plan today. With the right combination of features, plans can be designed to provide a great benefit to employees, while keeping employer cost requirements to a minimum.

Helping you select the plan that is right for you is our main objective.

We will review your goals and objectives to design the plan that meets your unique needs. Whether your goals are employee recruitment and retention or maximizing the benefits to key employees, we can help you select the right plan for your company.

Premier Pension Solutions sponsors a variety of standardized and non-standardized prototype plans.  If you require more flexibility than a prototype plan allows, Premier Pension Solutions offers an IRS approved volume submitter. We can also offer a truly individually designed plan.

After determining your goals, Premier Pension Solutions will advise you as to what plan design will best accomplish these objectives, and can provide side by side comparisons of various plan designs to illustrate the differences so that you may make an educated decision.
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